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Fig. 4

From: Mitochondrial RNA processing in absence of tRNA punctuations in octocorals

Fig. 4

The mtMutS mRNA transcripts. a Schematic of the mtMutS gene as a tricistronic transcription unit with different poly(A) tail positions (not to scale) shown as dark blocks. pA = poly(A)-tail. Below is the internal mtMutS transcript. b The 5′ end of ND3ND4LmtMutS tricistronic transcript. The 5′ UTR region is underlined. Shaded box indicate the start codon. The arrow above indicates 11 bp deletion in S. cf. cruciata compared to S. piculiaris. Hash indicates detection using both, RACE and cRT-PCR methods. c Alternatively polyadenylated mtMutS mRNAs; the position of the poly(A) start is indicated

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