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Fig. 3

From: Binding affinity of five PBPs to Ostrinia sex pheromones

Fig. 3

The predicted 3D structure of OfurPBP3 of O. furnacalis and docking with sex pheromones. a Sequence alignment between OfurPBP3 and AtraPBP1, and the predicted α-helical secondary structure elements are shown along the top. Strictly identical residues are highlighted in white letters with a red background, and are framed in blue residues are chemically identical or similar. Residues with similar physico-chemical properties are shown in red letters. The key amino acids used to mutated were marked by black triangle. b The predicted 3D structure of OfurPBP3. In silico predicted molecular docking between Z12-14:OAc (c) and E12-14:OAc (d) with OfurPBP3 are shown with respective pheromone components in red interacting amino acids are in yellow

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