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Table 1 GO term analysis of Mass Spec. results

From: The elongation factor eEF3 (Yef3) interacts with mRNA in a translation independent manner

Gene names P value Cluster frequency (%) Background frequency (%) GO term GO id
ILS1, KRS1, YDR341C, GUS1, VAS1, MES1, YHR020W, THS1, DPS1, CDC60 5.74E−08 7.80 0.50 Aminoacyl-tRNA ligase activity (F) 4812
DHH1, KRS1, SUP35, PAB1, XRN1, GUS1, TIF4631, SCP160, NAB6, CLU1, NAM7, PFK2, STI1, RPB2, DED1, MRN1, NEW1 1.16E−06 13.30 2.40 mRNA binding (F) 3729
SSA1, SSA4, SSZ1, CCT8, KAR2, SSA2, HSP104, CPR6, HSC82, SSB2, HSP82 3.04E−06 8.60 0.90 Unfolded protein binding (F) 51,082
ILS1, CHA1, KRS1, HOM2, YDR341C, ARO10, SAM2, MET6, LEU1, TRP5, GUS1, VAS1, ADE3, MES1, YHR020W, THS1, URA2, CPA2, MET5, DPS1, AAT2, PDC1, ILV5, ILV2, LEU4, ADH1, IDH2, CDC60, GLN1, ASN1 4.47E−16 23.40 3.10 Cellular amino acid metabolic process (P) 6520
SSA1, SSZ1, SCP160, SSA2, NAM7, MKT1, SSB2, SSE1, NEW1 5.93E−07 7.00 0.50 Polysome (C) 5844
CCR4, DHH1, SUP35, PAB1, XRN1, TIF4631, YEF3, NAB6, MKT1, PRT1, MRN1 4.60E−06 8.60 1.00 Ribonucleoprotein granule (C) 35,770
COP1, SEC26, RET2, SEC27, SEC21 1.42E−05 3.90 0.10 COPI vesicle coat (C) 30,126
DHH1, SUP35, PAB1, XRN1, TIF4631, YEF3, NAB6, PRT1 6.27E−05 6.20 0.60 Cytoplasmic stress granule (C) 10,494