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Table 3 The spike-in Qubit™ RNA HS Assay reduces minimal RNA concentration and sample consumption

From: Lowering the quantification limit of the QubitTM RNA HS Assay using RNA spike-in

  Qubit TM Spike-in Qubit TM
Lower Quantification Limit (pg/μL) 25 5
Max. Sample Volume (μL) 20 18*
Min. Sample Concentration (pg/μL) 250 55.6
Min. Sample Quantity (ng) 5 1
  1. The lower quantification limit and maximum sample volume for the Qubit™ Assay and Spike-in Qubit™ Assay and their corresponding minimal sample concentration and quantity are listed in the table. *2 μL RNA Spike-in is added into each assay tube, leaving maximally 18 μL for RNA sample in a 200 μL assay.