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Table 1 Plasmids used in this study

From: Nop17 is a key R2TP factor for the assembly and maturation of box C/D snoRNP complex

Plasmid Characteristics Reference
pGEX4T1 GST Tag C-terminal, AmpR Amersham
pGEX4T1-SNU13 GST::SNU13, AmpR This study
pGEX4T1-NOP17 GST::NOP17, AmpR This study
pET28a His Tag N-terminal, KanR Novagen
pET28a-SNU13 HIS::SNU13, KanR This study
pET28a-NOP1 HIS::NOP1, KanR This study
pET28a-NOP17 HIS::NOP17, KanR Gonzales et al. [8]
pBTM116 lexA, DNA binding domain Chien et al. [36]
pBTM-NOP17 lexA::NOP17, TRP1 Gonzales et al. [8]
pBTM-NOP17(N307S) lexA::NOP17(N307S), TRP1 This study
pGAD GAL4AD, transcription activation domain James et al. [37]
pGAD-TAH1 GAL4AD::TAH1, LEU2 This study
pGAD-HSC82 GAL4AD::HSC82, LEU2 This study
pGAD-RVB1 GAL4AD::RVB1, LEU2 This study
pGAD-RVB2 GAL4AD::RVB2, LEU2 This study
YCP111GAL-HA-HSC82 GAL4AD::HA::Nop58, TRP1 This study
YCP33Gal-A-NOP58 GAL::ProtA-NOP58, URA3, CEN4 Gonzales et al. [8]
pBTM-RVB1 lexA::RVB1, TRP1 This study
pBTM-RVB2 lexA::RVB2, TRP1 This study
pET28a-RVB1 HIS::RVB1, KanR This study
pET28a-RVB2 HIS::RVB2, KanR This study