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Table 2 Significantly enriched KEGG pathways of target genes

From: Wnt antagonist, secreted frizzled-related protein 1, is involved in prenatal skeletal muscle development and is a target of miRNA-1/206 in pigs

Category Term Count % p-value Genes
KEGG_PATHWAY hsa04130:SNARE interactions in vesicular transport 4 1.55 0.023 BET1, VAMP4, VAMP2, SNAP25
KEGG_PATHWAY hsa04310:Wnt signaling pathway 7 2.71 0.034 CCND1, SFRP1 , CCND2, FZD7, PPP2R5A, NFAT5, DAAM1,
KEGG_PATHWAY hsa05222:Small cell lung cancer 5 1.94 0.046 CCND1, PIAS3, CDK6, RARB, FN1
KEGG_PATHWAY hsa04722:Neurotrophin signaling pathway 6 2.23 0.049 BDNF, YWHAZ, RAP1A, RAP1B, NGFR, CALM2
  1. SFRP1 is involved in the Wnt signaling pathway and selected for further study.