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Figure 5

From: Néstor-Guillermo Progeria Syndrome: a biochemical insight into Barrier-to-Autointegration Factor 1, alanine 12 threonine mutation

Figure 5

Nuclear envelope localization of the BANF1 A12T protein. (A): A12T BANF1 localization to the nuclear envelope is unaltered from the WT protein. U2OS cells were transfected with constructs expressing WT or A12T 3x FLAG BANF1. Soluble proteins were extracted with detergent and cells permeabilised. BANF1 distribution was analyzed by immunofluorescence using an anti-FLAG antibody and a Deltavision PDV microscope. Aberrant nuclear envelope conformation can be seen in cells expressing A12T BANF1. Emerin visualization is representative of the nuclear membrane. (B): Quantification of the aberrant nuclei seen in the BANF1 A12T overexpression. (C): Immunoblot showing the expression levels of FLAG-tagged BANF1 WT and A12T in comparison to BANF1 endogenous levels.

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