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Table 2 Identification of Expressed Sequence Tags That Align with C. neoformans MIOX Gene Sequences.

From: Computational modeling and in silico analysis of differential regulation of myo-inositol catabolic enzymes in Cryptococcus neoformans

Protein Expressed sequence Tags (EST) Nucleotide Match % identity
MIOX3 None identified   
MIOX2 d4e08j2.r1 -184–37, 86–264, 322–498 98
  a9e06cn.r1 664–846, 900–1107 96
MIOX1 b9fo8h9.r1 -87–229, 280–455 95
  a7e05cn.r1 540–764, 823–947, 1007–1058 93
  1. Two ESTs were identified in the TIGR database for both MIOX1 and MIOX2 with at least 93% identity. No ESTs were found for MIOX3 with an identity above 65%.