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Table 1 C. neoformans Upstream Regulatory Sequences.

From: Computational modeling and in silico analysis of differential regulation of myo-inositol catabolic enzymes in Cryptococcus neoformans

Protein ORE/TonE Sequence location ORE/TonE sequence AP-1 Location AP-1 sequence UASINO Location UASINO Sequence
MIOX3 None    None   None
MIOX2 -2714 AGGAAAGCTG   None   None
  -2636 TGGAAAACTG     
  -645 GGAAAAAAAGA     
  1. Within 3000 nucleotides up-stream of the MIOX1 translation start two ORE/TonE sequences, one AP-1 sequence and one UASINO were identified. Within 3000 nucleotides up-stream of the translation start for MIOX2 two ORE/TonE sequences were identified. No consensus ORE/TonE, AP-1 or UASINO sequences were found within 3000 nucleotide sequences upstream of the transcription start site for MIOX3.