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Table 2 Transcription factor family members

From: New insights into SRY regulation through identification of 5' conserved sequences

Family Transcription factors
BRNF Brn POU domain factors
OCT1 Octamer binding protein
HOXF Factors with moderate activity to homeodomain consensus sequence
     Barx2, CRX, GSC, Gsh-1/2, HOX1, HOXA9, HOXB9, HOXC13, NANOG, OTX2, PCE1, PHOX2a/2b, PTX1 pituitary homeobox.
PARF PAR/bZIP family
     DBP Albumin D-box binding protein, HLF hepatic leukemia factor, TEF Thyrotrophic embryonic factor, VBP PAR-type chicken vitellogenin promoter binding protein.
FKHD Fork head domain factors
     FHXA/B, FKHRL1 (FOXO), FREAC2/3/4/7 fork head related activators (FOXF2, FOXC1, FOXD1, FOXL1), HFH1/2/3/8 (FOXQ1, FOXD3, FOXI1, Freac-6. FXF1), HNF3B (FOXA2), IlF1 (FOXK2), XFD1/2/3.
GATA GATA binding factors
     GATA, GATA1/2/3.
CREB Camp-responsive element binding proteins
     ATF, ATF2/6 activation transcription factors, c-Jun/ATF2 heterodimers, CREB, CREB1/2, CREB2/cJun, E4BP4, TAX/CREB complex, XBP1 X-box-binding protein.
CDXF Vertebrate caudal related homeodomain Protein
     CDX1/2 Intestine specific homeodomain factor and mammalian caudal related intestinal TF.
SRFF Serum response element binding factor
MEF2 Myocyte-specific enhancer binding Factor
     MEF2, RSRFC4 related to serum response factor, SL1 member of RSRF
ETSF Human and murine ETS1 factors
     c-Ets-1/2(p54), ELF-2(NERF1a), ELK1, FLI, GABP GA binding protein, GABPB1 GA repeat binding protein beta 1, NRF2 nuclear respiratory factor 2, PDEF Prostate-derived Ets factor, PEA3 polyomavirus enhancer A binding protein 3, ETV4, PU1, SPI1, SpiB.
HNF1 Hepatic nuclear factor 1
SORY SOX/SRY-sex/testis determining and related HMG box factors
     HBP1, HMGA1/2, HMGIY, SOX5/9, SRY.
NKXH NKX homeodomain factors
     Hmx2/Nkx5-2 homeodomain transcription factor, NKX31 prostate-specific homeodomain protein, TTF1 thyroid transcription factor
LHXF Lim homeodomain factors
     LHX3 and LMXB1
MYT1 MYT1 C2HC zinc finger protein
     MyT1 myelin transcription factor, and MyT1L.
PLZF C2H2 zinc finger protein
     PLZF promyelocytic leukemia zinc finger (TF with 9 Kruppel-like zinc fingers)
NFKB Nuclear factor kappa B/c-rel
     NF-kappaB (p50 and p65), HIVEP1; ZAS Domain TF human immunodeficiency virus type 1 enhancer-binding protein-1 (HIVEP1), major histocompatibility complex-binding protein-1 (MBP-1), positive regulatory domain II-binding factor (PRDII-BF1)
EVI1 Myleoid transforming protein
     EVI1 ecotropic viral integration site 1 encoded factor, amino-terminal zinc finger domain. MEL1 (MDS1/EVI1-like gene 1) DNA-binding domain 1.
TBPF TATA-binding protein factors
     ATATA avian C-type LTR TAT box, LTATA Lentivirus LTR TAT box, MTATA muscle TATA box, TATA cellular and viral TATA box elements, and Mammalian C-type LTR TATA box.
HOXC HOX – PBX complexes
     HOX/PBX binding sites, PBX1, PBX-HOXA9 binding site.
GFI1 Growth factor independence transcriptional Repressor
     GFI1.01/02, GFI1B.01.
PITI GHF-1 pituitary specific pou domain TF
     Pit1, GHF1.
OCTP OCT1 binding factor (POU-specific domain)
     OCT1P Octamer-binding factor 1, POU-specific domain)
RORA v-ERB and RAR-related orphan receptor alpha
     REV-ERBA orphan nuclear receptor rev-erb alpha (NR1D1), RORA/RORA1/2 RAR-related orphan receptor alpha/1/2, RORGAMMA RAR-related orphan receptor gamma, VERBA viral homolog of thyroid hormone receptor alpha1
HAML Human acute myelogenous leukemia factors
     AML1/CBFA2 Runt domain binding site, AML3 runt-related transcription factor 2/CBFA1
     Mammalian transcriptional repressor RBP-Jkappa/CBF1
IRFF Interferon regulatory factors
     IRF1/2/3/4(NF-EM5, PIP, LSIRF, ICSAT)/7, ISRE interferone stimulated response element.
PAX6 PAX-4/PAX-6 paired domain binding sites
     PAX4 and PAX6 paired domain binding site
MZF1 Myeloid zinc finger 1 factors
GZF1 GDNF-inducible zinc finger gene 1
     GZF1 (ZNF336)
ZFHX Two-handed zinc finger homeodomain transcription factors
     AREB6 (Atp1a1 regulatory element binding factor 6), deltaEF1 (Delta-crystallin enhancer binding factor, transcription factor 8, zinc finger homeobox 1a), SIP1 (Smad-interacting protein)
PLAG Pleomorphic adenoma gene
     (PLAG) 1, a developmentally regulated C2H2 zinc finger protein
MOKF Mouse Kruppel like factors
     MOK2.01/02 Ribonucleoprotein associated zinc finger protein MOK-2
HOMF Homeodomain transcription factors
     DLX1/2/5, Distal-less 3, EN1 homeobox protein engrailed, HHEX, MSX1/2, NOBOX, S8.
RBIT Regulator of B-Cell IgH transcription
     Bright, B cell regulator of IgH transcription
SATB Special AT-rich sequence binding
     Protein SATB1
CLOX CLOX and CLOX homology (CDP) factors
     CDP cut-like homeodomain protein, transcriptional repressor CDP, CDPCR3, CDPCR3HD, CLOX, CUT2.
  1. List of transcription factor families found in Regions A-D and the specific transcription factors that comprise them.