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Table 1 Functional grouping of genes that show a significant change in expression between mutant and wild-type cells (Q74-Q23) after 1 day of induction

From: Mutant huntingtin activates Nrf2-responsive genes and impairs dopamine synthesis in a PC12 model of Huntington's disease

Genes up after 1 day of mutant huntingtin expression Genes down after 1 day of mutant huntingtin expression
Gene Accession # Gene Accession # Gene Accession # Gene Accession #
Apoptosis-related proteins Cell cycle and growth factors
Gstp1 XM_579338 Tnfaip8* XM_225940 Igf2 NM_031511 Cdc14a* XM_227618
Cell cycle and growth factors Smpd3 NM_053605   
Tgfa NM_012671    Cell signalling
Cell signalling Arl6* XM_344009 Plxnb1* XM_236640
Flrt2* XM_234361 Rgs14 NM_053764 Calm1 XM_579543 Panx2 XM_579735
Rasl11b NM_001002830 GAP1(sim) XM_227132 Chromatin remodeling – transcription
Rgs2 NM_053453    Smad4 NM_019275 Cbx6* XM_576309
Chromatin remodeling – transcription Chc1l NM_199084 Ttf2* XM_215670
Hoxb13* XM_220905 Vax2 NM_022637 Prickle1 XM_235609 Dnajb6* XM_342607
LOC362865 XM_343194 LOC368057 XM_347220 Mdc1 XM_227971   
Npas1* XM_238770 Dclre1b* XM_227537 Cytoskeleton – cellular matrix
Hoxb9* XM_220887    Epb4.1l4a* XM_226060 RGD1310323 NM_001008348
Cytoskeleton – cellular matrix Add3 NM_031552 Cilp* XM_236348
Mybph NM_031813    Plekhh1* XM_234332   
Electron transport – mitochondrion Electron transport – mitochondrion
LOC293949 XM_215248    Dhrs4 NM_153315   
Ion channels – receptors Ion channels – receptors
Ms4a8b* XM_342026 Olr677* NM_001001062 Boc* XM_340986 Ms4a11* XM_342028
Ccr7 NM_199489 Olr1340* XM_236174 LOC501049 XM_576464 Olfml2b* XM_222868
Trpv6 NM_053686 Olr1597* NM_001000911 Trpv2 NM_017207   
Olr29* NM_001000691 Ttyh3* XM_221962 Oxidative stress
Olr552* NM_001001055 Il17rb* XM_224604 Prdx6 NM_053576   
Olr1751* NM_001000492    RNA processing and ribosomal
Oxidative stress Mrps15 NM_001007653 Rps16 XM_341815
Blvra NM_053850 Indo NM_023973 Vesicle trafficking
RNA processing and ribosomal Sec24d* XM_227663 Sytl4 NM_080410
Ear11 NM_138902 Rps24 NM_031112 Other
Trim21* XM_219011 Ptrh1* XM_342416 Tekt2* XM_575908 LOC500847 XM_576239
Vesicle trafficking Chst1* XM_575178 Adhfe1* XM_342794
Eml1* XM_343109    Lypla2 NM_031342 Pigl NM_138901
Other LOC365544 XM_345087 Herpud1 NM_053523
LOC499985 XM_575339 Atad2* XM_235326 LOC367880 XM_579653   
Smyd2 XM_213972 LOC498435 XM_573687     
Tpbg NM_031807 Smpx NM_053395     
C4.4a NM_021759 Mocs1* XM_236911     
Abhd1 NM_001008520 Serpinf1 NM_177927     
Ppic NM_001004215 Smp2a NM_012695     
Aak1* XM_232172 Rhcg NM_183053     
Prss8 NM_138836 Prlph NM_021580     
LOC367332 XM_346086 Xylt1 XM_341912     
Cyp4a10 NM_153307       
  1. * predicted