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Table 1 Primer sequences of genes involved in antioxidant defense and DNA repair

From: Pioglitazone retrieves hepatic antioxidant DNA repair in a mice model of high fat diet

Gene Sequence Gene ID number
Sod1 F: 5'-gcggtgaaccagttgtgttgtc-3' NM_011434
  R: 5'-cagtcacattgcccaggtctcc-3'  
Sod 2 F: 5'-atgttacaactcaggtcgctcttc-3' NM_013671
  R: 5'-tgatagcctccagcaactctcc-3'  
Ogg1 F: 5'-gtgactacggctggcatcc-3' NM_010957
  R: 5'-aggcttggttggcgaagg-3'  
MutY F: 5'-cattgcttccatcgcctttgac-3' NM_133250
  R: 5'-gctaagttccagaggtgatgagag-3'  
Beta-actin F: 5'-gaaatcgtgcgtgacatc-3' NM_007393
  R: 5'-ccatacccaagaaggaagg-3'  
  1. Ogg1: codes for oxoguanine DNA glycosylase
  2. MutY: codes for MutY homolog DNA (A/G specific adenine) glycosylase
  3. Sod1, codes for cytosolic superoxide dismutase; Sod2, codes for mitochondrial superoxide dismutase.
  4. Beta-actin as a competitive control