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Table 2 Quantitative analysis of nuclear and nucleolar localization of hSIN3B and ETO homologues.

From: The human SIN3B corepressor forms a nucleolar complex with leukemia-associated ETO homologues

Transfection Cells analyzed Nuclear signal only (%) Nucleolar Signal with B23 (%) Nucleolar signal without B23 (%)
hSIN3B 110 80 10 10
ETO 107 82 7 11
MTGR1 106 84 6 10
MTG16 113 84 12 4
AML1-ETO 415 89 0 11
  1. A total of 106 to 415 DAPI stained cells successfully transfected with hSIN3B, ETO homologues or AML1-ETO were analyzed. B-23 was used as a marker for nucleoli. A majority of these cells showed a nuclear signal. Nucleoli were visible in 11–20% of the cells (column 4 plus column 5). The ETO homologues showed a nucleolar localization in approximately half of these cells as. AML1-ETO showed no nucleolar localization.