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Figure 9

From: The human SIN3B corepressor forms a nucleolar complex with leukemia-associated ETO homologues

Figure 9

Nucleolar colocalization of hSIN3B and ETO homologues in K562 cells. A. Expression of hSIN3B (SIN3B) and the ETO homologues in K562 cells as detected by immunoblotting. The α-MTG antibody reacts with all ETO homologues. B. Localization of hSIN3B and ETO homologues in the nucleolus. The first column of each panel shows the Nomarski index. The second column shows nuclear staining with DAPI. The third column shows the the B23 nucleolar marker. The fourth column shows nucleolar localization of individual proteins. The fifth column shows a merge of B23 and individual protein. hSIN3B (I) and the ETO homologues (II), MTGR1 (III) and MTG16 (IV) showed colocalization with the B23. C. Colocalization of hSIN3B and MTG16 or MTGR1 in the nucleolus. Columns are designed as in B. Size bars of 10 μM are shown in panel I of part B and C.

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