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Table 2 Ranking of candidate EC gene and choice of best pair of EC genes by NormFinder and geNorm programmes

From: Identification of suitable endogenous control genes for microRNA gene expression analysis in human breast cancer

Rank NormFindera geNormb
  Gene Stability Gene Stability (M)
1 let-7a 0.312 let-7a 1.427
2 miR-16 0.379 miR-16 1.473
3 RNU48 0.401 miR-26b 1.538
4 miR-26b 0.425 RNU48 1.567
5 miR-10b 0.435 miR-10b 1.667
6 miR-21 0.601 miR-21 1.692
7 Z30 0.624 Z30 2.272
Best combination let-7a/RNU48 0.221 let-7a/miR-16 0.978
  1. Greater expression stability is indicated by a lower stability value (M). Results for seven EC candidates are given as RNU19 was excluded from analysis due to its low expression in the breast tissues. For NormFinder analysis, breast tissue samples were grouped into metastases-free (MF), bone metastases (BM), visceral and bone metastases (VBM) and benign (BEN). The stability is calculated from the intra- and inter-group variation and the best combination of EC genes is also given. b GeNorm stability is based on an estimate of the pairwise variation (M).