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Table 4 ABI inventoried Taqman® gene expression assays

From: Preamplification techniques for real-time RT-PCR analyses of endomyocardial biopsies

Gene name ABI ID number
CDKN1B Hs00153277_m1
HPRT-ABI Hs99999909_m1
CD3D Hs00174158_m1
IL-1β Hs00174097_m1
IL-2 Hs00174114_m1
IL-4 Hs00174122_m1
IL-5 Hs00174200_m1
IL-6 Hs00174131_m1
IL-17 Hs00174383_m1
IL-27 Hs00377366_m1
IFN-β Hs01077958_s1
TNFα Hs00174128_m1
CXCL14 Hs00171135_m1
CX3CL1 Hs00171086_m1
APN Hs00605917_m1
APN-R1 Hs00360422_m1
APN-R2 Hs00226105_m1
NFATC3 Hs00190046_m1
CYR61 Hs00155479_m1
Ku70 Hs01922652_g1
Ku80 Hs00221707_m1
MAN1A2 Hs00198611_m1
Eomesodermin Hs00172872_m1
RHAMM Hs00234864_m1
RhoGTPAse1 Hs00205507_m1
RhoGTPAse2 Hs00183269_m1
TLR3 Hs00152933_m1
TLR4 Hs00370853_m1
TLR7 Hs00152971_m1
TLR8 Hs00152972_m1
TLR9 Hs00370913_s1
MYD88 Hs00182082_m1
TRAF3 Hs00377462_m1
TRAF6 Hs00270336_m1
IRF3 Hs00155574_m1
IRF7 Hs00242190_g1
MAPK8 Hs00177083_m1
MAPK14 Hs00176247_m1
STAT1 Hs00234829_m1
SOCS-3 Hs00269575_s1
AP-1 Hs00277190_s1
HSP70 Hs00382884_m1
Laminin Hs00165042_m1
Collagen I Hs00164004_m1
Collagen III Hs00164103_m1
Collagen IV Hs00266237_m1
MMP2 Hs00234422_m1
MMP8 Hs00233972_m1
MMP9 Hs00234579_m1
TIMP1 Hs00171558_m1
TIMP4 Hs00162784_m1
uPA Hs00170182_m1
GDF15 Hs00171132_m1
CD62E Hs00174057_m1
CD56 Hs00169851_m1
TIMP4 Hs00162784_m1
  1. ABI inventoried Taqman® gene expression assays and the respective ABI ID numbers.