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Table 3 Vertebrate eEF1A sequences used in this study. The abbreviated name, description, accession number and species are indicated in each case.

From: Molecular characterization and expression analysis of five different elongation factor 1 alpha genes in the flatfish Senegalese sole (Solea senegalensis Kaup): Differential gene expression and thyroid hormones dependence during metamorphosis

Name Description Accession number Species
ArtEF1A eEF1A X03349 Artemia sp.
DreEF1A eEF1A X77689 Danio rerio
Dre1 eEF1A family ENSDARG00000006838  
Dre2 eEF1A family ENSDARG00000020850  
Dre3 eEF1A family ENSDARG00000039502  
Dre4 eEF1A family ENSDARG00000053313  
Dre5 eEF1A family ENSDARG00000053319  
Dre6 eEF1A family ENSDARG00000052832  
Dre7 eEF1A family ENSDARG00000059223  
DmeEF1A eEF1A NM_079872 Drosophila melanogaster
GgaEF1A1 eEF1A1 NM_204157 Gallus gallus
GgaEF1A2 eEF1A2 XM_001233517  
Gac1 eEF1A family ENSGACG00000002143 Gasterosteus aculeatus
Gac2 eEF1A family ENSGACG00000002175  
Gac3 eEF1A family ENSGACG00000002182  
Gac4 eEF1A family ENSGACG00000004505  
Gac5 eEF1A family ENSGACG00000018090  
HhiEF1A eEF1A EB174049 Hippoglossus hippoglossus
HsaEF1A1 eEF1A1 NM_001402 Homo sapiens
HsaEF1A2 eEF1A2 NM_001958  
Hsa1 eEF1A family ENSG00000183920  
Hsa2 eEF1A family ENSG00000185637  
MmuEF1A1 eEF1A1 NM_010106 Mus musculus
MmuEF1A2 eEF1A2 NM_007906  
Mmu1 eEF1A family ENSMUSG00000052588  
Mmu2 eEF1A family ENSMUSG00000068225  
OmyEF1A eEF1A AF498320 Oncorhynchus mykiss
OniEF1A eEF1A AB075952 Oreochromis niloticus
OcuEF1A1 eEF1A1 NM_001082339 Oryctolagus cuniculus
OcuEF1A2 eEF1A2 NM_001082031  
Ocu1 eEF1A family ENSOCUG00000013034  
OlaEF1A eEF1A AB013606 Oryzias latipes
Ola42Sp50 42Sp50 AF128815  
Ola1 eEF1A family ENSORLG00000007585  
Ola2 eEF1A family ENSORLG00000002258  
Ola3 eEF1A family ENSORLG00000019066  
PmaEF1A eEF1A AY190693 Pagrus major
PflEF1A eEF1A EC379379 Platichthys flesus
RnoEF1A1 eEF1A1 NM_175838 Rattus norvegicus
RnoEF1A2 eEF1A2 NM_012660  
Rno1 eEF1A family ENSRNOG00000004012  
Rno2 eEF1A family ENSRNOG00000012863  
Rno3 eEF1A family ENSRNOG00000015106  
Rno4 eEF1A family ENSRNOG00000024179  
Rno5 eEF1A family ENSRNOG00000027199  
Rno6 eEF1A family ENSRNOG00000027390  
SsaEF1A eEF1A AF321836 Salmo salar
SmaEF1A   AF467776 Scophthalmus maximus
SquEF1A eEF1A AB032900 Seriola quinqueradiata
SauEF1A eEF1A AF184170 Sparus aurata
TruEF1A   SINFRUG00000160135 Takifugu rubripes
Tru42Sp50 42Sp50 SINFRUG00000134533  
Tru1 eEF1A family SINFRUG00000124608  
Tni42Sp50 42Sp50 GSTENG00031816001 Tetraodon nigroviridis
Tni1 eEF1A family GSTENG00003643001  
Tni2 eEF1A family GSTENG00018671001  
Tni3 eEF1A family GSTENG00031816001  
XlaEF1A eEF1A X55324 Xenopus laevis
Xla42Sp50 42Sp50 Z19545