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Table 3 Plasmids used in this study

From: Control of replication initiation by the Sum1/Rfm1/Hst1 histone deacetylase

Plasmid Description Source*
pRS315 CEN6-URA3 + ARSH4 [38]
pAE1076 CEN4-URA3 + ARS1012 O. Aparicio
pAE1081 CEN4-URA3 + ARS1013-3 O. Aparicio
pAE1126 CEN4-URA3 + ARS606  
pAE1130 CEN4-URA3 + ARS1223  
pAE1135 CEN4-URA3 + ARS1511  
pAE1240 CEN4-URA3 + ARS433  
pAE1242 CEN4-URA3 + ARS607  
pAE1243 CEN4-URA3 + ARS1109  
pAE1250 CEN4-URA3 + ARS446  
pAE1252 CEN4-URA3 + ARS447  
pAE1315 pRS315-ORC2  
pAE1316 pRS316-ORC2  
  1. * Unless indicated otherwise, plasmids were from the laboratory collection or constructed during the course of this study.