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Table 1 Prediction of Mitochondrial Localization

From: Alternative splicing and differential subcellular localization of the rat FGF antisense gene product

Protein Program
  IPSORT (%) LOCtree MitoProtII.0a4 TargetPv1.01
hGFGa yes no yes(0.872) yes(0.864/28)
hGFGb yes no yes(0.306) no
hGFGc yes yes no no
rGFG yes no yes(0.901) yes(0.820/28)
rGFGΔ2 yes no yes(0.523) yes(0.805/28)
rGFGΔ2/3 yes no yes(0.602) yes(0.776/28)
rGFGc no no no no
murGFG yes no yes(0.980) yes(0.877/28)
droGFG yes yes yes(0.997) yes(0.832/32)
chiGFG yes yes yes(0.321) yes(0.352/20)
xenGFG no no yes(0.334/13) no
fugGFG yes yes yes(0.999) yes(0.956/25)
panGFG yes yes yes(0.878) yes(0.870/28)
ponGFG yes yes yes(0.892) yes(0.910/28)
dogGFG yes yes yes(0.977) yes(0.862/28)
mosGFG yes yes yes(0.959) yes(0.794/28)
atGFG no no no no
ceNudix1 no no no no
hNUDT9 yes no yes(0.478) yes(0.688/46)
hMTH yes yes yes(0.639) yes(0.644/34)
hMTY no yes yes(0.501) yes(0.612/14)
  1. h = human; pan = Pan troglodytes; pon = Pongo pygmaeus. r = Rattus norvegicus (rat); mur = Mus musculus (mouse); dog = Canis familiaris; chi = Gallus gallus (chicken); xen = Xenopus laevis; Tr = Takifugu rubripes; dro = Drosophila melanogaster (fruitfly); At = Arabidopsis thaliana. mos = Anopheles gambiae (malaria mosquito); ce = Caenorhabditis elegans. hGFGa, -b and c represent human GFG isoforms; rGFG, -GFGΔ2,-GFGΔ2/3, and -GFGc indicate known and predicted rat GFG isoforms. yes/no = mitochondrial targeting signal peptide at the N-terminal of the protein has/not been identified; the numbers (ranging from 0.0 to 0.999) in the brackets indicate the probabilities of the predictions. The numbers behind the slashes indicate the predicted cleavage sites of the mitochondrial peptidases.