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Figure 4

From: A versatile approach to multiple gene RNA interference using microRNA-based short hairpin RNAs

Figure 4

Efficient knockdown of both PKA alpha and beta catalytic subunits is necessary to attenuate PKA-dependent phosphorylation and transcription. (a) Phosphorylation of the cytoskeletal protein VASP in response to cAMP analogs; combined knockdown of Pka Cα and Cβ is required to attenuate phosphorylation in response to either 8Br-cAMP or 8pCPT-cAMP. (b-e) Induction of PKA-dependent transcripts Nr4a1, Nr4a2, Ctla2α and Ctla2β in response to 8pCPT-cAMP. Induction of all 4 transcripts is significantly attenuated only upon depletion of both Pka Cα and Cβ (Data represent averages (± SEM) from 2 independent experiments).

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