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Figure 2

From: The use of Multiple Displacement Amplified DNA as a control for Methylation Specific PCR, Pyrosequencing, Bisulfite Sequencing and Methylation-Sensitive Restriction Enzyme PCR

Figure 2

Methylation Specific PCR results for MMP-2 and BRCA-1. Two sets of primers were designed for both MMP-2 and BRCA-1, one set that would amplify only methylated DNA and a second set that would amplify only unmethylated DNA. a) Those primers that were designed to amplify methylated DNA only amplified mDNA and not uDNA or genomic DNA, whilst those primers designed to amplify unmethylated DNA only amplified uDNA and not mDNA or genomic DNA. Furthermore wild type primers were unable to amplify either uDNA or mDNA, but could amplify genomic DNA. b) When used in conjunction with cell line DNA they detected that the MMP-2 promoter is methylated for MDA-MB231 (231) and MDA-MB468 (468), but not HFFF2. However, the promoters for MDA-MB231 (231), MDA-MB468 (468) and HFFF2 were all identified as being unmethylated for BRCA-1.

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