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Table 1 Sequences of splice junctions of newly identified spliced-in exons in the 5'-UTR of human PPARδ

From: Alternative splicing of human peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor delta (PPARdelta):effects on translation efficiency and trans-activation ability

Spliced-in exon Size (bp) Genomic position
downstream of exon 2 (bp)
3'-splice acceptor 5'-splice donor
2a 641 1212 ctgcag GGGTAG TCGCAGgt agga
2b 119 4427 agatag CATCTC CTACAGgt atgt
2c 122 5778 tctcag GACCAG TGTGAGgt aatg
2d 315 36426 atctag GAGGTG TGGGAAgt gagg
2e 115 49826 tttcag ATTATC TGTCCTgt gagt
  1. The genomic positions of exons were deduced using the human PPARδ RefSeq [GenBank: NM_006238]. Upper-case and lower-case letters indicate exon and intron sequences, respectively. The consensus splice donor-acceptor sequences are in bold letters.