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Figure 3

From: Somatic CTG•CAG repeat instability in a mouse model for myotonic dystrophy type 1 is associated with changes in cell nuclearity and DNA ploidy

Figure 3

Somatic instability of CTG•CAG repeats in liver hepatocytes of mice containing two humanized DMPK alleles (compound homozygotes). Hepatocytes were isolated from a 14-month-old compound homozygous (CTG•CAG)104/(CTG•CAG)112 and a 16-month-old (CTG•CTG)105/(CTG•CAG)110 mouse and sorted in 2n and 4n cells. PCR profiles of genomic DNA show that in both mice the average CTG•CAG repeat length in the pool of 4n cells (red) is much larger than in the 2n cell pool (blue) and shifted to larger length for both progenitor alleles. Arrows indicate the positions of the two progenitor (CTG•CAG)n alleles in tail DNA at time of weaning.

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