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Figure 2

From: Antisense oligonucleotide induced exon skipping and the dystrophin gene transcript: cocktails and chemistries

Figure 2

AO induced excision of human dystrophin exon 65. Primary human myogenic cultures were transfected with cationic lipoplexes:AO preparations at the concentrations indicated and incubated for 24 hours before total RNA was extracted. Nested RT-PCR was undertaken using primers directed to exons 63–68. The full-length and exon 65 deleted transcripts are represented by products of 618 and 416 bp, respectively. (a) Overview of AO annealing coordinates across dystrophin exon 65, (b) Single AO transfection with 65.5, 65.3 and 65.7, (c) AO cocktail 65.1 and 65.3. Note that the upper concentration of AO:lipoplex administered to these cells was 10 nM in total.

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