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Table 2 Most significantly upregulated gene sets at 8 hours post heat shock

From: Dynamic resolution of functionally related gene sets in response to acute heat stress

Functional Pathway No. of probes in set p-value q-value
Protein metabolism and modification 1794 < 1e-31 < 1e-31
Protein folding 173 1.1e-13 1.8e-11
Nuclear transport 87 8.4e-8 7.9e-6
Pre-mRNA processing 209 4.0e-7 2.1e-5
Proteolysis 461 1.7e-6 6.2e-5
mRNA transcription regulation 676 9.1e-7 4.2e-5
Protein complex assembly 53 1.2e-6 4.8e-5
mRNA splicing 156 7.5e-6 2.0e-4
Proteasome 37 1.3e-4 1.9e-3