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Figure 4

From: Regulation of p73 by Hck through kinase-dependent and independent mechanisms

Figure 4

Hck stabilizes p73α dependent on its kinase activity. (A) Hela cells transfected with GFP (50 ng) and Hck or KDHck(200 ng) in the presence of p73α or Y28F-p73α (50 ng) were subjected to western blotting for p73, Hck and GFP. GFP was used as a transfection efficiency control. (B) Hela cells transfected with p73α or p73α and Hck together were treated with cycloheximide (50 μg/ml), harvested at the indicated time periods and immunoblotted for p73 and tubulin. The amount of DNA in transfections was kept constant by the addition of control vector pcDNA3.

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