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Figure 2

From: Hin-mediated DNA knotting and recombining promote replicon dysfunction and mutation

Figure 2

Hin-mediated effect on β-lactamase protein levels. Cultures of C600 (left) and parC ts (right) were grown in rich (LB) or minimal (M9) medium. Results here are from a typical experiment performed at 42°C. Immunoblotting was performed on total cellular lysates. Blots were probed with anti-AcrA, anti-β-lactamase, anti-ParC or anti-ParE antibodies. Shown below the blot from cells grown in LB is the mean of four independent experiments (except for parCts pREC, which was performed three times) and standard deviations. The values below the M9 experiment show the quantification of that blot, but the M9 experiment was repeated with the same results.

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