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Table 3 ChIPed DNA sequences that correspond to two potential target genes.

From: Novel in vivo targets of ΔNp63 in keratinocytes identified by a modified chromatin immunoprecipitation approach

p63 Binding Fragment Chromosome Number Nearest Gene Location Description Accession Number Gene Ontology
A8(a) 19q13.32 ZNF541 3' end Zinc finger protein 541 NM_032255 Transcription
A8(b) 19q13.32 NAPA* 5' end N-ethylmaleimide-sensitive factor protein NM_003827 Transport
B1(a) 6q23.3 FLJ46906 3' end Hypothetical gene supported by Ak128874; BC071813 XM_928441 Unknown
B1(b) 6q23.3 CCDC28A 5' end Coiled-coil domain containing 28A NM_015439 Unknown
B3(a) 12q22 LOC642961 3' end Hypothetical protein XM_931709 Unknown
B3(b) 12q22 MRPL42 5' end Mitochondrial ribosomal protein L42 NM_014050 Protein biosynthesis
C7(a) 20p12.1 WFDC12 NL WAP four-disulfide core domain 12 NM_080869 Protease inhibitor
C7(b) 20p12.1 LOC613266 NL Hypothetical LOC613266 ND Unknown
D6(a) 1q32.1 Clorf116* NL Chromosome 1 open reading frame 116 NM_023938 Unknown
D6(b) 1q32.1 LOC653098 5' end Similar to chromosome 1 open reading frame XM_925981 Unknown
E10(a) 1p21-p13 CSF1 3' end Colony stimulating factor 1 NM_000757 Cell proliferation/differentiation
E10(b) 1p13.2 AHCYL1 5' end S-adenosyl homocystein hydrolase-like 1 NM_006621 Adenoyslhomocyteinase
G5(a) 21q22.11 LOC728598 5' end Similar to oligodendrocyte transcription factor 1 XM_001127883 Transcription
G5(b) 21q22.11 LOC728409 3' end Hypothetical protein XM_001128368 Unknown
G10(a) 13q34 LOC122258 5' end Hypothetical protein NM_145248 Unknown
G10(b) 13q34 LOC400163 5' end Hypothetical protein supported by BC034786 ND Unknown
H1(a) 6q15 CYCSP16 NL Cytochrome c, somatic pseudogene 16 NG_002966 Unknown
H1(b) 6q15 RNGTT NL RNA guanylytransferase and 5' phosphatase NM_003800 mRNA processing
H5(a) 15q24 CRABP1 3' end Cellular and retinoic acid binding protein 1 NM_004378 Signal transduction
H5(b) 15q25.1 IREB2 5' end Iron-responsive element binding protein 2 NM_004136 Metabolism
  1. Shown are the genes located closest to each p63 ChIPed DNA sequence and the corresponding chromosome number. Also shown are the location of the p63-binding site within each gene, NCBI accession number, and gene function. NL, Not localized; ND, Not determined; Asterisks indicates those genes that were also identified by other studies.