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Table 2 List of hypothetical genes that are putative target genes of p63 located within 100 kb of ChIPed DNA sequences.

From: Novel in vivo targets of ΔNp63 in keratinocytes identified by a modified chromatin immunoprecipitation approach

p63 Binding Fragment Chromosome Number Nearest Gene Location Description Accession Number Gene Ontology
A12 10q22.2 C10orf11 intron 4 Chromosome 10 open reading frame 11 NM_032024 Unknown
B4 18q12.3 LOC284260 intron 7 Hypothetical protein XM_211408 Unknown
C1 15q26.1 LOC441732 NL Hypothetical LOC441732 ND Unknown
D1 4q21.22 LOC441026 NL Heterogenous nuclear ribonucleoprotein A3 pseudogene NG_005584 Unknown
D10 1p32.3 C1orf34 NL Chromosome 1 open reading frame 34 ND Unknown
E8 5q31.1 LOC642961 3' end Hypothetical protein XM_931289 Unknown
F9 20q11.1 LOC645487 5' end Hypothetical protein XM_932932 Unknown
G12 3q13.13 LOC440973 NL Similar to Nuclear transcription factor Y subunit beta ND Unknown
H11 5q13.2 LOC644420 intron 1 Hypothetical protein XM_927568 Unknown
I2 9p11.2 FAM27E1 NL Family with sequence similarity 27 member E1 NM_001024608 Unknown
I4 10q23.31 LOC643529 intron 3 Hypothetical protein XM_931612 Unknown
  1. Shown are hypothetical genes located closest to each p63 ChIPed DNA sequence and the corresponding chromosome number. Also shown are the location of the p63-binding site within each gene, NCBI accession number, and gene function. NL, Not localized; ND, Not determined.