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Figure 8

From: Leptin induces inflammation-related genes in RINm5F insulinoma cells

Figure 8

Leptin induces caspase activity in RINm5F cells. LEPRb-expressing RINm5F cells were exposed to the indicated concentrations of leptin for 48 h, alone (open bars) or in combination with 50 u/ml IL-1β (hatched). Alternatively, cells were treated with a mix of 50 u/ml IL-1β and 50 ng/ml IFNγ. Caspase activity was determined in total cell lysates as the sequence-specific cleavage of a proluminescent DEVD-aminoluciferin substrate. Data are expressed as fold stimulation by the cytokine treatment relative to unstimulated cells. Bars reflect means +/- SD of 4 independent experiments. * P < 0.05, treated vs. untreated. The effect of 50 u/ml IL-1β and 50 ng/ml IFNγ was not significantly greater than that of 50 u/ml IL-1β plus 100 ng/ml leptin (P = 0.058)

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