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Table 2 Numbers of genes responding to ectopic Myc, ash1 RNAi (ash1-), (pho-), Pc RNAi (Pc-), and Myc combined with each

From: Coordinated regulation of Myc trans-activation targets by Polycomb and the Trithorax group protein Ash1

List Number of genes
Myc activated 680
Myc repressed 57
up ash1- 239
down ash1- 159
up pho- 329
down pho- 69
up Pc- 625
down Pc- 76
up Myc ash1- 675
down Myc ash1- 120
up Myc pho- 486
down Myc pho- 82
up Myc Pc- 462
down Myc Pc- 291
  1. See Methods for list generation.