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Table 1 Deficiencies and mutants that behave as genetic repressors of dmyc

From: Coordinated regulation of Myc trans-activation targets by Polycomb and the Trithorax group protein Ash1

Deficiency/mutant Cytology P value
Df(2R)vg135 47F04-048A;049A-B, 49A-B;049D-E 1.50E-21
Df(3L)Aprt-32 62B01;062E03 2.73E-06
Df(3L)BSC13 66B12-C01;066D02-04 9.91E-04
Df(3L)lxd6 67E05-07;068C02-04 2.32E-07
Df(3L)BSC10 69D04-05;069F05-07 4.72E-206
Df(3L)fz-CAL5 70C02-06;070E01 2.34E-33
Df(3L)kto2 76B01-02;076D05 1.84E-52
Df(3L)XS533 76B04;077B 1.60E-21
Df(3R)p712 84D04-06;085B06, 025D;085B06 5.03E-10
Df(3R)M-Kx1 86C01;087B01-05 1.93E-05
Df(3R)T-32 86E02-04;087C06-07 4.02E-95
ash1 RE418 76B8-9 4.09E-58
Pc3* 78C6-7 5.65E-10
Psc1 49E6 8.51E-57
pho1 102D6 2.87E-34
E(z) 67E5 no change
ash2 96A13 no change
  1. P values were computed using a chi-square test statistic. The asterisk refers to the combination of Pc3 and dmycBG 00605, rather than dmycBG 02383.