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Figure 7

From: Coordinated regulation of Myc trans-activation targets by Polycomb and the Trithorax group protein Ash1

Figure 7

Ash1 works against Pc/Pho repression to facilitate Myc activation. (A) Changes in expression of 77 genes are shown, log2 of ratios of expression over basal, for transcripts whose levels increase with ectopic Myc (blue bars). For each of the 77 genes, changes in expression are also shown in embryos with ectopic Myc and ash1 RNAi (red bars, next to the blue bar for each gene). (B) A graph showing the expression of 60 genes in response to eight genetic conditions, as clustered by K-means. The log10 scale of normalized expression for each gene is represented as a vertical line, and along the X axis left to right, the 60 are grouped by sample: Gal4 alone, Gal4 Myc, Gal4 Pc RNAi, Gal4 Myc Pc RNAi, Gal4 ash1 RNAi, Gal4 Myc ash1 RNAi, Gal4 pho RNAi, Gal4 Myc pho RNAi. These Myc activated genes fail to be activated with ash1 RNAi (compare 2nd and 6th sets), and they are also repressed by Pc and Pho (compare 1st, 3rd and 7th sets). (C) A Model suggesting a possible regulation scheme for the genes shown in B, "X".

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