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Figure 5

From: Coordinated regulation of Myc trans-activation targets by Polycomb and the Trithorax group protein Ash1

Figure 5

Pc and Myc responsive genes are not clustered near genomic Pc binding sites. (A) Chromosomes of the Drosophila genome are shown, with a vertical blue bar above or below (plus or minus strand, respectively) each chromosome to indicate Myc repressed genes. Red vertical bars show the locations of Pc repressed genes, and lilac vertical bars show genes repressed by both. (B) 110 Pc repressed genes on the 2nd and X Chromosomes are graphed for their location overlapping or near a Pc binding site. According to data published by three different groups, a gene overlapping a Pc binding site is given a score of 1, a gene near a Pc binding site is given a score of 0.5, and a gene not near a Pc binding site is given a score of 0. Bars are labeled blue, B. Tolhuis et al., Nat Genet (Apr 20, 2006); magenta, Y. B. Schwartz et al., Nat Genet 38, 700 (Jun, 2006); green, N. Negre et al., PLoS Biol 4, e170 (Apr 20, 2006). We did not plot genes on the 3rd Chromosome because the data set from Tolhuis et. al. does not include it.

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