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Figure 2

From: Bluetongue virus RNA binding protein NS2 is a modulator of viral replication and assembly

Figure 2

NS2 IB does not associate with microtubule or vimentin. (A) BSR cells infected with BTV-10 (upper panel) at 5 h p.i or modified BSR cells expressing NS2 (lower panel) were treated with nocodazole (right column) to disrupt microtubule. NS2 (green) and microtubule (red) were monitored. Untreated cells labeled for microtubule and NS2 (left column) were used as controls. (B) NS2 expressing cells (right) and BSR cells 24 h p.i were labeled for vimentin (green) and NS2 (red). Un-transfected and uninfected cells labeled for vimentin (left) were used as control.

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