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Figure 3

From: RNA quality in frozen breast cancer samples and the influence on gene expression analysis – a comparison of three evaluation methods using microcapillary electrophoresis traces

Figure 3

Top ten differentially expressed genes. The top ten most differentially expressed genes between RIN ≥ 6 and RIN < 6. LAMA4 = laminin 4, DCN = decorin, OR10C1 = olfactory receptor, LGALS1 = lectin galactoside-binding, PNMA1 = paraneoplastic antigen, neuron and testis specific protein, TCEA1 = transcription elongation factor A, MRLC2 = myosin regulatory light chain, KIFAP3 = kinesin-associated protein 3, GNG10 = guanine nucleotide binding protein, and C6orf89 = chromosome 6 open reading frame 89. Filled circles represent outliers.

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