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Figure 2

From: RNA quality in frozen breast cancer samples and the influence on gene expression analysis – a comparison of three evaluation methods using microcapillary electrophoresis traces

Figure 2

Unsupervised hierarchical clustering. Unsupervised hierarchical clustering was used to assess which samples clustered together based on their gene expression profiles. A. Clustering according to the Manual evaluation method; green = good, blue = partly degraded, red = degraded. B. Clustering according to the Ratio method; green = ratio ≥ 0.65 (i.e. good), red = ratio < 0.65 (i.e. degraded), and black = N/A (i.e. not available). C. Clustering according to the RIN method; green = RIN ≥ 6 and red = RIN < 6. Arrows indicate samples clustering in an unexpected manner, according to the respective methods.

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