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Table 1 Primers and Probes for Each Experiments

From: Rad9 modulates the P21WAF1pathway by direct association with p53

Names of Primers and Probes Sequences
Target sequence of pBAsi-mU6 vector (TAKARA; Code: 3225) 5'-CCA CAC TCT TAG AGC AAG A-3'
PCR primers for wild-type and RAD9 mutants 5'-AAA AGC GGC CGC GCA TGA AGT GCC TGG TCA CGG G-3' and 5'-TTT TCT AGA TCA GCC TTC ACC CTC ACT GTC-3'
RT-PCR primers for P21 corresponding to an amplified product of 335 bp 5'-ACC CTC TCA TGC TCC AGG T-3' and 5'-CCT TGT TCC GCT GCT AAT CA-3'
RT-PCR primers for glyceraldehydes-3-phosphate dehydrogenase (G3PDH), to an amplified product of 451 bp product 5'-ACC ACA GTC CAT GCC ATC AC-3' and 5'-TCC ACC ACC CTG TTG CTG TA-3'
ChIP primers for human P21 downstream promoter 5'-GAG GTC AGC TGC GTT AGA GG-3' and 5'-TGC AGA GGA TGG ATT GTT CA-3'
ChIP primers for human P21 upstream promoter 5'-CCT ATG CTG CCT GCT TCC CAG GAA-3' and 5'-TAG CCA CCA GCC TCT TCT ATG CCA G-3'