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Figure 3

From: The non-dosage compensated Lsp1 α gene of Drosophila melanogaster escapes acetylation by MOF in larval fat body nuclei, but is flanked by two dosage compensated genes

Figure 3

Lsp1 α is present in five closely related Drosophila species, but is absent in more distantly related species. Maximum likelihood tree based on the ungapped regions of a ClustalX alignment (additional file 4) of the LSP1α, LSP1β and LSP1γ protein sequences from D. melanogaster (Dmel), D. yakuba (Dyak), D. erecta (Dere), D. simulans (Dsim), D. sechellia (Dsec), D. mojavensis ( Dmoj), D. buzzatii (Dbuz), D. ananassae (Dana), D. pseudoobscura (Dpse), D. willistoni (Dwil), D. grimshawi (Dgri), D. persimilis (Dper) and D. virilis (Dvir). The Lsp1-like protein arylphorin from the blowfly Calliphora vicina [61] is also included and bootstrap support is shown on the branches. LSP1α homologues (in the boxed region) are present only in D. melanogaster, D. yakuba, D. erecta, D. simulans and D. sechellia.

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