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Figure 2

From: The non-dosage compensated Lsp1 α gene of Drosophila melanogaster escapes acetylation by MOF in larval fat body nuclei, but is flanked by two dosage compensated genes

Figure 2

Lsp1 α is not acetylated at H4K16, but X-linked Lsp1α (-573 to +20)-lacZ transgenes are. Chromatin from y w, Lsp1α (-573 to +20)-lacZ:19E7 and Lsp1α (-573 to +20)-lacZ:9B4 male third instar larval fat body nuclei immunoprecipitated with antibody against H4K16ac. The fold enrichment of immunoprecipitated DNA relative to input DNA is shown for two experiments (95% confidence intervals indicated). Fold enrichment is normalized to Gpdh, which is set to 1. A 3 – 10 fold enrichment is observed for the control genes Pgd and Lsd-2 and both X-linked Lsp1α (-573 to +20)-lacZ transgenes. However, no enrichment is observed for Lsp1 α. Two primer sets were used to amplify different regions within the Pgd and Lsp1 α genes. All primers are designed to the 3' UTR or 3' region of the open reading frame with the exception of the Pgd-543 set, which is within the second intron but towards the 5' end of the Pgd gene.

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