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Figure 1

From: Stringent and reproducible tetracycline-regulated transgene expression by site-specific insertion at chromosomal loci with pre-characterised induction characteristics

Figure 1

Screen and Insert principles and strategies. Configurations of plasmid DNA before and after its incorporation into genomic DNA are shown schematically (not to scale). A) Principles of the Screen and Insert approach. B) The Screen and Insert type 1 (ScIn-1) strategy. C) The Screen and Insert type 2 (ScIn-2) strategy. Promoterless cassettes are shown for a generic gene of interest (GOI), and for genes encoding green fluorescent proteins (EGFP and d2EGFP), luciferase (luc), hygromycin phophotransferase (hygro) and guanosine phospribosyltranferase (gpt). See text for details.

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