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Table 2 Transcripts whose levels are increased by at least 3 fold upon GST-KSRP chromatography when compared with control GST chromatography.

From: Identification of a set of KSRP target transcripts upregulated by PI3K-AKT signaling

Transcript name Accession number Fold enrichment 3'UTR features Protein functions
RAVER2 NM_018211 8.2 11 ARE pentamers RNA-binding protein
GNAS1 NM_000516 7.7 2 ARE pentamers Guanine nucleotide -binding protein
Protein phosphatase 2A catalytic subunit alpha Isoform (PP2ACA) NM_002715 6.9 6 ARE pentamers Protein phosphatase
Sorbin and SH3 domain containing 1 (SORBIN) NM_001034955 6.5 11 ARE pentamers Insulin signaling
Histone 3.3A (H3.3A) NM_002107.3 5.9 7 ARE pentamers Nucleosome formation
hnRNPF NM_004966 5.6 2 ARE pentamers RNA-binding protein
Prothymosin alpha (28) NM_002823 5.5 1 ARE pentamer Transcription factor
hnRNPA2/B1 NM_002137 4.7 4 ARE pentamers RNA-binding protein
ATP synthase mitochondrial F0 complex subunit G NM_006476 4.1 4 ARE pentamers Mitochondrial ATPase
hnRNPA/B M65028 4.0 3 ARE pentamers RNA-binding protein
hnRNPA1 NM_002136 4.0 2 ARE pentamers RNA-binding protein
Ecotropic viral integration site 5 NM_005665 3.5 15 ARE pentamers Oncogene
Catenin beta (CTNN) * NM_007614.2 3.1 U-rich regions Transcription/Signaling
  1. *The interaction of Catenin beta mRNA with KSRP and its decay control have been described in detail elsewhere [12].