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Table 1 Distribution of 576 ESTs sequenced from S. c. edwardsii venom gland in toxin and toxin-like transcript, cellular protein, mitochondrial and hypothetical sequence clusters.

From: The venom gland transcriptome of the Desert Massasauga Rattlesnake (Sistrurus catenatus edwardsii): towards an understanding of venom composition among advanced snakes (Superfamily Colubroidea)

Transcripts category Number of ESTs Number of clusters Redundancy (clones/cluster) Representation over total clones (%) Representation over matching clones (%)
Toxin 360 76 4.74 69.40 77
Cellular 107 106 1.04 20.65 23
Mitochondrial 9 9 1.00 1.73 -
Hypothetical 42 42 1.00 8.10 -
  1. The variations observed among toxin isoforms in this library are not due to population level diversity as they are derived from the venom gland of a single snake