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Figure 1

From: The 3' untranslated region of human Cyclin-Dependent Kinase 5 Regulatory subunit 1 contains regulatory elements affecting transcript stability

Figure 1

Bioinformatic analysis of CDK5R1 3'-UTR. A) Human-mouse (above) and human-rat (below) conservation analysis of CDK5R1 3'-UTR using the mVISTA tool. Regions of at least 100 bp with identity greater than 70% are indicated in pink. The plots refer to the human CDK5R1 3'-UTR sequence (UTRdb ID: 3HSA086450). The position of the predicted regulatory elements is indicated. B) Multiple alignment of the last portion of human (Hs.), mouse (Mm.), rat (Rn.) and zebrafish (Dr.) CDK5R1 3'-UTR. Stars represent fully conserved positions; the best ARE consensus is boxed in gray, the polyA sites are in bold. C) Representation of the most stable secondary structure of the human CDK5R1 3'-UTR as predicted by the Sfold algorithm. The magnification shows the loop (arrow) corresponding to the ARE with the best consensus (nt 2659–2671).

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