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Figure 3

From: Human NCU-G1 can function as a transcription factor and as a nuclear receptor co-activator

Figure 3

Human NCU-G1 binds to the FP1-element of the CRBP1 promoter. NCU-G1 was expressed as a fusion protein with GST in E. coli and purified. Interaction between GST-NCU-G1 and radiolabeled FP1-oligonucleotide was analysed by EMSA. Lane 1 shows 32P-labeled FP1 oligonucleotide (control). Lane 2 shows complex formation between GST-NCU-G1 and 32P-labeled FP1 oligonucleotide. Lane 3, 4, 5 and 6 show complex formation between GST-NCU-G1 and 32P-labeled FP1 oligonucleotide in the presence of 50-fold molar excess of unlabeled FP1 oligonucleotide, Ap1 oligonucleotide, Sp1 oligonucleotide or NF1 oligonucleotide, respectively. Ns = non-specific.

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