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Figure 5

From: Localization of TFIIB binding regions using serial analysis of chromatin occupancy

Figure 5

Internal transcripts associated with TFIIB GSTs in rat are conserved in mouse. Diagram depicting the spatial relationship between TFIIB GSTs and the 5' end of sense and antisense transcripts determined by cap-trapping. The 3' portion of rat CBP is shown in black with exons as rectangles and introns as a horizontal line. Black vertical lines indicate the position of the feature listed. Black vertical lines with an arrow conferring direction of the transcript indicate the 5' nucleotides of cap-trapped transcripts. Rat sense and antisense CAP are the positions of the experimentally capped transcripts. Mouse-TSS are the positions of the 5' nucleotides of mouse CBP transcripts identified by cap analysis of gene expression (CAGE). The mouse TSS data was obtained from the FANTOM3 consortium [11].

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