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Figure 2

From: Localization of TFIIB binding regions using serial analysis of chromatin occupancy

Figure 2

Distribution of TFIIB GSTs relative to RefSeq gene annotations. (A) A segment of chromosome 10 depicting internal and 3' localization relative to four RefSeq genes from the Gamma-aminobutyric acid A receptor (Gabrs) subfamily. Rectangles are exons and horizontal lines introns with hatch marks indicating the direction of transcription. (B) Locations of TFIIB GSTs relative to each of the 1783 RefSeq genes identified in the SACO library. 5' UTR; 5' untranslated region, 3' UTR; 3' untranslated region, Internal; Internal region, Multiple; the RefSeq gene contains more than one TFIIB GST. RefSeq genes comprising the "multiple" category contain TFIIB GSTs that localize to 5' and internal regions, 3' and internal regions, 5' and 3' regions, or 5', 3' and internal regions.

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