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Table 1 Yeast strains used in this study

From: Rtt107/Esc4 binds silent chromatin and DNA repair proteins using different BRCT motifs

Strain Genotype Reference or Source
W303-1a MAT a leu2–3,112 ura3-1 his3–11,15 trp1–1 ade2-1 can1–100 R. Rothstein
W303-1b MAT α version of W303-1a R. Rothstein
W303 Diploid from W303-1a × W303-1b This study
YDZ5 W303 MAT a /MAT α esc4Δ::his5+/ESC4 This study
YDZ174 W303 MAT a /MAT α esc4Δ::his5+/esc4Δ::his5+ This study
YDZ3 W303-1a esc4 Δ::his5+ This study
YDZ4 W303-1b esc4 Δ::his5+ This study
YEA78 W303-1b hmr::URA3 HMR-E (aeb::G) gal4::LEU2 This study
YEA76 YEA78 but HMR-E (Aeb::G) This study
YEA77 YEA78 but HMR-E (aeB::G) Thi study
YAM7 YEA76 sir2 Δ::kanMX6 This study
YEA118 YEA76 but GAL4 sir3::LEU2 This study
YKAB17 YEA76 sir4 Δ::kanMX6 This laboratory
YDS631 W303-1b adh4::URA3-(C1–3A) n [13]
YDZ22 YDS631 esc4 Δ::his5+ This study
YAM1 W303-1a slx4 Δ::his5+ This study
YAM2 W303-1b slx4 Δ::his5+ This study
YAM3 W303-1a slx4 Δ::kanMX6 This study
YAM4 W303-1b slx4 Δ::kanMX6 This study
YAM13 W303-1b sgs1 Δ::kanMX6 This study
YDZ243 W303-1_ sgs1 Δ::kanMX6 esc4 Δ::his5+ This study
YAM6 W303-1a esc4 Δ::his5+slx4 Δ::kanMX6 This study
YAS501 W303-1a asf1 Δ::his5+ This laboratory
L40 MAT a his3 Δ200 trp1–901 leu2–3,112 ade2 URA3::(lexAop)8-lacZ LYS2::(lexAop)4-HIS3 [54]
YRJ3 L40 sir3 Δ::kanMX6 This study
YJL103 L40 sir4 Δ::kanMX6 This study