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Figure 1

From: The human ortholog of the rodent testis-specific ABC transporter Abca17 is a ubiquitously expressed pseudogene (ABCA17P) and shares a common 5' end with ABCA3

Figure 1

Hypothetical amino acid sequence of human ABCA17P aligned with its murine ortholog Abca17. The ABCA17P amino acid sequence shown is derived from cDNA segments with open reading frames. Gaps due to optimal alignment are represented by dashes and asterisks (red shaded) represent premature stop codons. Green and yellow shaded amino acids highlight sequence identities and similarities, respectively. Walker A and B motifs and signature sequences, integral components of the nucleotide binding domains of ABC transporters, are black shaded. The complete cDNA sequence of the ABCA17P full-length transcript has been deposited in the NCBI GenBank [GenBank:DQ266102].

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