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Table 1 Strains used in this work

From: Bacillus subtilis SbcC protein plays an important role in DNA inter-strand cross-link repair

Strain genotype reference
PY79   [58]
JN4 sbcD-gfp this work
JN6 sbcC-yfp this work
JN7 addA-gfp this work
JM41 addB-yfp this work
JM42 sbcC::cm this work
JH1 ykoV::cm this work
JM61 dnaX-cfp, sbcC-yfp this work
YB886 trpC 2 metB 5 amyE sigB 37 xin-1 att SPβ [38]
BG189 addA5 addB72 [54]
BG277 recN::cm [59]
BG190 recA::cm [55]
BG809 ykoV::cm this work
BG811 sbcC::cm this work
BG843 ykoV::tet, recN::cm this work
BG849 ykoV::tet, recA::cm this work
BG847 ykoV::cm, sbcC::tet this work
BG845 sbcC::tet, recN::cm this work
DK39 gfp-recA [32]
  1. Note that BG strains are isogenic with the YB886 wild type strain (used for survival studies in Fig. 2 and 3), while the other strains are isogenic with the PY79 wild type strain (used for Fig. 1 and localization studies).